Monday, July 20, 2015

Living in America

♪Take it to the bridge.♪ Take it from the bridge . . . Brooklyn Bridge, I hardly knew ye.

10 years to the day. Wow!

I never did find a decent Cornish Pasty in 9 years 11 months of living in Brooklyn. Will Indianapolis also break my heart? It's not an occasion for such maudlin thoughts.

Have a classic from Brooklyn's finest, Neil Diamond, instead:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do They Mean Us? #22

Bless my cotton socks, we're they're in the news. Trending even.

New entry at number nine, though I'm sure - Top of the Pops appearances not withstanding - the article will fall outside the top ten within hours minutes. Why the sudden fame? Did Russell Brand finally get round to reading one of the 1,307 tweets sent to him in recent months by Party members, urging him to click on the link?

Nothing so sweaty and rock 'n' roll. No, the BBC discovers that the SPGB is apparently loaded because it's sitting on prime property in London SW4. Cash rich but membership poor inquorate. I guess the piece by Brian Wheeler isn't too much of a hatchet job, and the Party spokesperson quoted is able to make our case for what we are about, and why it's not that much of an anomaly, despite the 'Life of Brian' aspects to it. However, I'll still make a point of battening down the hatches in anticipation of the brickbats that will be thrown the SPGB's way on social media over the next few days.

One quibble, however, about the piece. 52 Clapham wasn't purchased for £300 back in 1951. It was purchased for £3-4000, which was obviously a fair bit of wedge back in the days of Alma Coogan and Al Martino.

Now, if I could only work in a Rock the Kazbar pun into the post this latest 'Do They Mean Us?' would be sorted. Bear with me . . . Something will come eventually . . . for fuck's sake. My blogging mojo's has truly gone. Kilimanjaro, here I come

Monday, July 13, 2015

To Kill . . .

I love this New Yorker cartoon that turned up on my timeline on Facebook but I still want to read it, nonetheless . . .

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Starts Making Sense . . .

- Did I ever tell you that David Byrne is originally from Dumbarton?
- Yes
- I did?
- Yes, every time a Talking Heads song comes on the radio. [Before I ask Kara to turn the dial. I'm not a fan of DB.]

True story, so I can - in my own way - identify with this cruel but funny cartoon found on Facebook.

Hat tip to Grangemouth's very own A.S.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Get In!!!!!

My third 180 in three months. If this was 1974, I'd be ranked number seven in the world.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kinda genius

Following on from the recent disturbing events in Texas, a brilliant piece of barbed satire aimed at those in power:

The blurb accompanying the pic is as follows:
Coming soon from McKinney Texas Police Productions, it's the next summer horror science fiction cop flick, Attack of the 14 Year Old Black Girl! A frightening teen girl in a bikini terrorizes the police force of a small Texas suburb, making them respond with excessive force and brutality reserved only for the worst of America's swimming thugs! Who will protect our nation's pool parties from this monster? Rated R for Racist! Featuring Emma Stone as the Asian Neighbor.
Hat tip to Lalo Alcaraz over at Facebook. Original poster over here.